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Solar energy is a popular energy source in Germany

The solar power plant enjoys increasing popularity in Germany. According to recent polls, 98 percent of Germans speak for greater use of solar energy. More than half the population is convinced that the solar energy in Germany will become the main energy source like in the case of the solar geyser in South Africa.

About two thirds of Germans would even like to live in a solar house. More than one million people have now realized that dream. Approximately the same number of German households use solar heat to heat drinking water and for heating the rooms.

Between North Friesland and the Zugspitze already more than eleven million square meters of solar collectors were installed.

Use of solar energy is being promoted in Germany

In future, the market for photovoltaic systems, are thus generating electricity using sunlight and developed. No other energy source has a continuously high rate of acceptance in the population such as solar energy. The total output of 500,000 solar generators at the end of 2009 for around 5.4 gigawatts.

The number of whole solar settlements is increasing steadily. For some prefabricated solar systems are already standard. In addition, many produce large solar power plants in the megawatt-class facilities at ground level as an elevated open space – this is where the solar panels mounted on stands to get a favorable light incidence angle.

The solar power stations in Germany currently generates estimates of the Federation as much solar power, so that mathematically the energy demand of Hamburg can be covered with electricity.

Churches also use the “power station Sun” as a gift from heaven. Now installed on German church roofs, parish houses and community centers for solar power and solar thermal plants hundreds. Thanks to the donation of a German solar contractor since 2009 has the papal audience hall at the Vatican a photovoltaic system on their large roofs.

Whether black or green – everywhere municipalities have recognized the signs of the times. Solar panels adorn city halls, kindergartens, sports stadiums, swimming pools and other buildings. Meanwhile, there is even a “Solar Bundesliga, Germany to compete in the more than 1,000 municipalities for first place in the sun.

More than 5000 German farmers order not only their fields, but also reap from their barn roof: solar power. Together with the bio-energy solar energy contributes to growing as a new branch of industry also contributes to the stabilization of rural structures. Farmers are accustomed to long-term sustainable plan.

Solar power plants on arable land remain, however, despite many new projects are the exception. By law they have made since July 2010 for the payment significantly worse than facade or roof systems. Preferred sites are converting land such as former mine stockpiles or military training area.

Germany looks forward with solar energy policy

In terms of solar energy, Germany is considered by the Federal Environment Ministry in the first place, ahead of Japan, USA and Italy.

The boom in the industry, which was continuing for several years, will continue in the coming years. 2010, the German solar industry will account for a turnover of more than nine billion euros. Currently, 63,000 people in the field of solar energy in Germany are employed.


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