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Solar equipment with ever more sophisticated solar technology

With solar power can the radiation from the sun into electrical energy and heat to transform and save. Thanks to modern technology is increasingly doing more effectively and in less space, because solar equipment and solar technology are also becoming smaller. Many solar energy manufacturers have now developed the industry’s own solar powered products, from cars to mobile phone moon

The fact that Germany is a leader in the development of solar equipment and solar technology, politics is not sufficient at the present. Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen announced in this context that the innovative power of industry should be strengthened.

The Ministry of Environment funded the research, therefore, with almost 40 million € annually. For, were eligible, the minister in 2010, especially those new developments, which contributed both to reduce costs in the construction of solar equipment and solar technology, as well as their energetic performance improved. The objectives of the program: The taxpayers should be relieved that currently pay the additional cost of solar electricity on their electricity prices, and the solar companies to be competitive.

20 times as much revenue with solar equipment and solar technology

With € 13 billion, sales of solar power and solar heating in the past ten years, more than twenty-fold increase. According to the solar industry association, almost 15000 companies in the industry operate, the number of employees has tripled in the past six years 83000th More than two million plants produce 80 percent of roofs installed, electricity and heat. To illustrate the potential of solar energy to even better use, the companies have invested in 2008 alone more than 190 million euros in research and development of solar equipment and solar technology.

Pilot and demonstration projects of the company also will be eligible by the Federal Ministry of Environment. The height is limited experience of the German Solar Energy Society, in most cases, 30-50 percent. They orient themselves to the costs of the planning and construction of the solar system and solar technology, they say.

Already today, according to the federal environment minister in Germany, plants with a total capacity of 9,000 megawatts in operation. Each year, added another 3,500 megawatts of solar energy on the proportion of consumption is now an increase to up to four percent.

Similar growth forecasts for the use of solar devices and solar technology have set the environmental organization Greenpeace and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association in Brussels. More than one billion people could be powered by solar energy already in 2020, their bill. The world could the emission of approximately 170 million tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide prevented, equivalent to the emissions from 75 coal-fired power plants.

The environmentalists also meets a new development for installing the systems on the ground. According to the Federation to prevent solar industry now stand modern systems that solar geysers and solar technology to seal the floor. One study projects the biological diversity in areas with large solar power plants will increase even more.


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