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Solar power from solar energy is booming

As solar power is called electrical energy generated from solar energy. Already 20 percent of all German homeowners using solar panels generate solar electricity or heat their house with heat from solar energy. Last year, with 9,000 megawatts of power were about one percent of the total electricity generated in Germany gained from solar energy.

What have jointly produced from solar photovoltaic and football, the television viewer knows, the goal is the net! “Solar power is totally simple,” said soccer player Lukas Podolski in the commercial and casually shoots the ball into the goal. With the sun just as it is. It radiates from directly above the roof and lands as in the solar power grid. Two-thirds of families with children are convinced that future generations will be able to gain power and heat from renewable energy sources only.

Solar energy from solar power: that is renewable energy

Produced from solar energy solar power is among the renewable energies, as they always on the ground is available and represents the sun, seen by human standards, with an estimated burn time of about five billion years ago, a virtually inexhaustible energy source. Today, 60,000 people already working in the German solar industry. More than 100 companies providing solar cells, modules and components, many more are still busy with the planning and installation of solar systems. It also spares the production of solar electricity from solar energy massive fuel imports.

Until now, solar power was generated from solar energy at the market well and has rising electricity prices through the great growth opportunities.

Solar power can be gained from solar energy in different ways, either through photovoltaic or solar thermal energy. The European network is already producing in the position, with the help of weather forecasts relatively high amounts of solar power from solar energy.

The energy efficiency of solar cells for the production of solar electricity is still not optimal, but is constantly evolving. In order to better generate solar power from solar energy can, would also need to store the solar energy obtained from solar energy to be improved. This is being worked.

The feed-in tariff for solar power is currently codified in the next 20 years, and at that price the electricity companies must also remove the current mandatory. The installation of a solar system has paid for itself so that after around ten years. However, the durability of the equipment is significantly higher. Older models have a term of 20 years, new to keep even 40 years.

After the expiry of 20 years for drawing the device can also continue to operate, the current is then removed from the suppliers to the then current market price, and this may well be higher than the previous record. Solar power has a decisive advantage.

While the production of electricity by conventional systems in the next few years will be more expensive due to price increases is to occur during the production of solar power rather with a declining price because fall through technical innovation and mass production, the production costs of solar modules. Thus, the currently much higher price for solar power will eventually converge to the “normal” price or even lower. This would increase the economic efficiency, especially for large energy companies, of course, clear.


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