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an alternative to gas heating: Solar heating

23. August 2010 – 2010 heating season: an alternative to the conventional types of heating gas heating: Solar heating
The gas market is currently rather slow with a new gas network access regulation, which was adopted by the federal government be made more accessible to new entrants. Currently, the consumer gets it, but with even less because gas prices are rising inexorably. Environmentally conscious consumers, the price of gas, the eternal wrangling do not want to put up with, but have the option to use alternative heating types. In view of the approaching heating season, is TopTarif from alternative heating types that the conventional gas heater can be replaced.

Solar heating, wood pellet and wood heating, heat pumps, cogeneration
The solar industry in Germany is booming, as more people rely on the power of the sun. By the thermal solar energy can be saved in Germany every year 500 million gallons of heating oil. During the warm season can be left out of the oil boiler, because the energy of sunlight is sufficient, for example, to heat the water for a shower. In winter, the solar heating system but with a different heating system may be coupled to provide sufficient heat. In most cases this will fall back on natural gas. The percent usage share is flat rate is not specified, but must be calculated individually.

The solar heating system is run by collectors, which catch the summer sun energy that is stored in large, seasonal storage. Often this can however be the excess heat – a full use of the collected energy in the summer for the winter is not yet feasible. Nevertheless, more and more homeowners rely on the supply of solar energy, because that type of care, at least partially independent of the increasing gas and oil prices makes.

Who uses solar heat can count on the support from the federal government in spite of Solar Promotion cuts. For the government to promote solar thermal plants has increased by 50 percent. Grants 300-1000 € are possible depending on the type and size of the solar system, in grants. For a combined solar heating system with even a grant is awarded from 105 € per square meter.


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