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Strong demand for the first solar heating SOLAERA

World’s first compact solar heater in the center of Consolar
of interest during and after this year’s Intersolar
Frankfurt am Main, June 16, 2009 – Marked the response to the first compact solar heater SOLAERA Consolar could not be: The crowd at the booth of the solar heating system manufacturer Consolar was huge at this year’s Intersolar in Munich’s new exhibition. The focus of interest: the new patented compact system SOLAERA, the first covering the entire heat supply of houses and in July 2009 goes into production.

What national and international visitors to the new technology particularly impressed: The solar heating SOLAERA win significantly more solar heat than other solar tube collectors on the market and only requires a small footprint. The newly developed hybrid panels on the roof or the facade begin next to the sun for the first time the heat from the ambient air, a lead and it to the combined storage and the energy center, consisting of a latent heat storage and a heat pump in the basement of the house on. More is not required to produce completely independent of oil and gas or geothermal probes even in the dark and every season the entire heat for a house. SOLAERA is a compact system that is unheard of until now.

“We have invested heavily in research and development of the world’s first patented solar heating and that has paid off: the many discussions and specific requests during and after the Intersolar have confirmed our conviction that SOLAERA is an innovative step towards solar heating, of the requirements of planners, architects, installers and builders of a promising solar tube collectors with a very high number complies year system work, “said Andreas Siegmund, Director of Marketing and Sales of Consolar. “Another advantage of SOLAERA, CO2 reduction, which is compared to other systems much larger. Using green electricity can heat with SOLAERA even completely CO2 emissions. This is a real benefit to know the environmentally conscious decision-makers to appreciate. ”

Complete CO2-emission-free working, the Princess Elisabeth polar station in Antarctica, what Consolar had a decisive role. Thus, the Belgian representative of Consolar two solar thermal systems has delivered to the South Pole, which provide for solar heating and hot water in the Belgian research station. Also, this powerful reference project was presented at the Intersolar and met with great enthusiasm.

“This underscores our belief that solar heat is available anywhere in the world, even under the harshest conditions,” said Andreas Siegmund. “Energy efficiency and sustainability are our first priority. We are pleased with our developments continue to actively contribute to a conscious approach to the environment by renewable energy use from the sun and make the builders available. ”
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About Consolar:
Consolar Solar Energy Systems is a leading manufacturer of highly efficient solar heating systems for single and two-family houses. Established in 1994, owner-operated company has developed powerful solar panels for water heating and space heating and solar heaters. The product portfolio ranges from small water systems to large cluster systems to complete systems with the use of biomass or solar heating for the low-energy building standard. With the environmentally friendly solutions, the building heat supply completely done with renewable energy and CO2 emissions. Since its inception, among ethical commitment powerful and durable products in the focus of the company, which is reflected in more than 30,000 systems installed with Consolar technology and numerous awards and prizes for innovation. Consolar is represented in ten European countries, with headquarters in Frankfurt as well as its own development and production plant in Lörrach.


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