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World’s first compact solar heater in the center of Consolar
of interest during and after this year’s Intersolar
Frankfurt am Main, June 16, 2009 – Marked the response to the first compact solar heater SOLAERA Consolar could not be: The crowd at the booth of the solar heating system manufacturer Consolar was huge at this year’s Intersolar in Munich’s new exhibition. The focus of interest: the new patented compact system SOLAERA, the first covering the entire heat supply of houses and in July 2009 goes into production.

What national and international visitors to the new technology particularly impressed: The solar heating SOLAERA win significantly more solar heat than other solar tube collectors on the market and only requires a small footprint. The newly developed hybrid panels on the roof or the facade begin next to the sun for the first time the heat from the ambient air, a lead and it to the combined storage and the energy center, consisting of a latent heat storage and a heat pump in the basement of the house on. More is not required to produce completely independent of oil and gas or geothermal probes even in the dark and every season the entire heat for a house. SOLAERA is a compact system that is unheard of until now.

“We have invested heavily in research and development of the world’s first patented solar heating and that has paid off: the many discussions and specific requests during and after the Intersolar have confirmed our conviction that SOLAERA is an innovative step towards solar heating, of the requirements of planners, architects, installers and builders of a promising solar tube collectors with a very high number complies year system work, “said Andreas Siegmund, Director of Marketing and Sales of Consolar. “Another advantage of SOLAERA, CO2 reduction, which is compared to other systems much larger. Using green electricity can heat with SOLAERA even completely CO2 emissions. This is a real benefit to know the environmentally conscious decision-makers to appreciate. ”

Complete CO2-emission-free working, the Princess Elisabeth polar station in Antarctica, what Consolar had a decisive role. Thus, the Belgian representative of Consolar two solar thermal systems has delivered to the South Pole, which provide for solar heating and hot water in the Belgian research station. Also, this powerful reference project was presented at the Intersolar and met with great enthusiasm.

“This underscores our belief that solar heat is available anywhere in the world, even under the harshest conditions,” said Andreas Siegmund. “Energy efficiency and sustainability are our first priority. We are pleased with our developments continue to actively contribute to a conscious approach to the environment by renewable energy use from the sun and make the builders available. ”
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About Consolar:
Consolar Solar Energy Systems is a leading manufacturer of highly efficient solar heating systems for single and two-family houses. Established in 1994, owner-operated company has developed powerful solar panels for water heating and space heating and solar heaters. The product portfolio ranges from small water systems to large cluster systems to complete systems with the use of biomass or solar heating for the low-energy building standard. With the environmentally friendly solutions, the building heat supply completely done with renewable energy and CO2 emissions. Since its inception, among ethical commitment powerful and durable products in the focus of the company, which is reflected in more than 30,000 systems installed with Consolar technology and numerous awards and prizes for innovation. Consolar is represented in ten European countries, with headquarters in Frankfurt as well as its own development and production plant in Lörrach.


23. August 2010 – 2010 heating season: an alternative to the conventional types of heating gas heating: Solar heating
The gas market is currently rather slow with a new gas network access regulation, which was adopted by the federal government be made more accessible to new entrants. Currently, the consumer gets it, but with even less because gas prices are rising inexorably. Environmentally conscious consumers, the price of gas, the eternal wrangling do not want to put up with, but have the option to use alternative heating types. In view of the approaching heating season, is TopTarif from alternative heating types that the conventional gas heater can be replaced.

Solar heating, wood pellet and wood heating, heat pumps, cogeneration
The solar industry in Germany is booming, as more people rely on the power of the sun. By the thermal solar energy can be saved in Germany every year 500 million gallons of heating oil. During the warm season can be left out of the oil boiler, because the energy of sunlight is sufficient, for example, to heat the water for a shower. In winter, the solar heating system but with a different heating system may be coupled to provide sufficient heat. In most cases this will fall back on natural gas. The percent usage share is flat rate is not specified, but must be calculated individually.

The solar heating system is run by collectors, which catch the summer sun energy that is stored in large, seasonal storage. Often this can however be the excess heat – a full use of the collected energy in the summer for the winter is not yet feasible. Nevertheless, more and more homeowners rely on the supply of solar energy, because that type of care, at least partially independent of the increasing gas and oil prices makes.

Who uses solar heat can count on the support from the federal government in spite of Solar Promotion cuts. For the government to promote solar thermal plants has increased by 50 percent. Grants 300-1000 € are possible depending on the type and size of the solar system, in grants. For a combined solar heating system with even a grant is awarded from 105 € per square meter.


As solar power is called electrical energy generated from solar energy. Already 20 percent of all German homeowners using solar panels generate solar electricity or heat their house with heat from solar energy. Last year, with 9,000 megawatts of power were about one percent of the total electricity generated in Germany gained from solar energy.

What have jointly produced from solar photovoltaic and football, the television viewer knows, the goal is the net! “Solar power is totally simple,” said soccer player Lukas Podolski in the commercial and casually shoots the ball into the goal. With the sun just as it is. It radiates from directly above the roof and lands as in the solar power grid. Two-thirds of families with children are convinced that future generations will be able to gain power and heat from renewable energy sources only.

Solar energy from solar power: that is renewable energy

Produced from solar energy solar power is among the renewable energies, as they always on the ground is available and represents the sun, seen by human standards, with an estimated burn time of about five billion years ago, a virtually inexhaustible energy source. Today, 60,000 people already working in the German solar industry. More than 100 companies providing solar cells, modules and components, many more are still busy with the planning and installation of solar systems. It also spares the production of solar electricity from solar energy massive fuel imports.

Until now, solar power was generated from solar energy at the market well and has rising electricity prices through the great growth opportunities.

Solar power can be gained from solar energy in different ways, either through photovoltaic or solar thermal energy. The European network is already producing in the position, with the help of weather forecasts relatively high amounts of solar power from solar energy.

The energy efficiency of solar cells for the production of solar electricity is still not optimal, but is constantly evolving. In order to better generate solar power from solar energy can, would also need to store the solar energy obtained from solar energy to be improved. This is being worked.

The feed-in tariff for solar power is currently codified in the next 20 years, and at that price the electricity companies must also remove the current mandatory. The installation of a solar system has paid for itself so that after around ten years. However, the durability of the equipment is significantly higher. Older models have a term of 20 years, new to keep even 40 years.

After the expiry of 20 years for drawing the device can also continue to operate, the current is then removed from the suppliers to the then current market price, and this may well be higher than the previous record. Solar power has a decisive advantage.

While the production of electricity by conventional systems in the next few years will be more expensive due to price increases is to occur during the production of solar power rather with a declining price because fall through technical innovation and mass production, the production costs of solar modules. Thus, the currently much higher price for solar power will eventually converge to the “normal” price or even lower. This would increase the economic efficiency, especially for large energy companies, of course, clear.


With solar power can the radiation from the sun into electrical energy and heat to transform and save. Thanks to modern technology is increasingly doing more effectively and in less space, because solar equipment and solar technology are also becoming smaller. Many solar energy manufacturers have now developed the industry’s own solar powered products, from cars to mobile phone moon

The fact that Germany is a leader in the development of solar equipment and solar technology, politics is not sufficient at the present. Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen announced in this context that the innovative power of industry should be strengthened.

The Ministry of Environment funded the research, therefore, with almost 40 million € annually. For, were eligible, the minister in 2010, especially those new developments, which contributed both to reduce costs in the construction of solar equipment and solar technology, as well as their energetic performance improved. The objectives of the program: The taxpayers should be relieved that currently pay the additional cost of solar electricity on their electricity prices, and the solar companies to be competitive.

20 times as much revenue with solar equipment and solar technology

With € 13 billion, sales of solar power and solar heating in the past ten years, more than twenty-fold increase. According to the solar industry association, almost 15000 companies in the industry operate, the number of employees has tripled in the past six years 83000th More than two million plants produce 80 percent of roofs installed, electricity and heat. To illustrate the potential of solar energy to even better use, the companies have invested in 2008 alone more than 190 million euros in research and development of solar equipment and solar technology.

Pilot and demonstration projects of the company also will be eligible by the Federal Ministry of Environment. The height is limited experience of the German Solar Energy Society, in most cases, 30-50 percent. They orient themselves to the costs of the planning and construction of the solar system and solar technology, they say.

Already today, according to the federal environment minister in Germany, plants with a total capacity of 9,000 megawatts in operation. Each year, added another 3,500 megawatts of solar energy on the proportion of consumption is now an increase to up to four percent.

Similar growth forecasts for the use of solar devices and solar technology have set the environmental organization Greenpeace and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association in Brussels. More than one billion people could be powered by solar energy already in 2020, their bill. The world could the emission of approximately 170 million tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide prevented, equivalent to the emissions from 75 coal-fired power plants.

The environmentalists also meets a new development for installing the systems on the ground. According to the Federation to prevent solar industry now stand modern systems that solar geysers and solar technology to seal the floor. One study projects the biological diversity in areas with large solar power plants will increase even more.


The solar power plant enjoys increasing popularity in Germany. According to recent polls, 98 percent of Germans speak for greater use of solar energy. More than half the population is convinced that the solar energy in Germany will become the main energy source like in the case of the solar geyser in South Africa.

About two thirds of Germans would even like to live in a solar house. More than one million people have now realized that dream. Approximately the same number of German households use solar heat to heat drinking water and for heating the rooms.

Between North Friesland and the Zugspitze already more than eleven million square meters of solar collectors were installed.

Use of solar energy is being promoted in Germany

In future, the market for photovoltaic systems, are thus generating electricity using sunlight and developed. No other energy source has a continuously high rate of acceptance in the population such as solar energy. The total output of 500,000 solar generators at the end of 2009 for around 5.4 gigawatts.

The number of whole solar settlements is increasing steadily. For some prefabricated solar systems are already standard. In addition, many produce large solar power plants in the megawatt-class facilities at ground level as an elevated open space – this is where the solar panels mounted on stands to get a favorable light incidence angle.

The solar power stations in Germany currently generates estimates of the Federation as much solar power, so that mathematically the energy demand of Hamburg can be covered with electricity.

Churches also use the “power station Sun” as a gift from heaven. Now installed on German church roofs, parish houses and community centers for solar power and solar thermal plants hundreds. Thanks to the donation of a German solar contractor since 2009 has the papal audience hall at the Vatican a photovoltaic system on their large roofs.

Whether black or green – everywhere municipalities have recognized the signs of the times. Solar panels adorn city halls, kindergartens, sports stadiums, swimming pools and other buildings. Meanwhile, there is even a “Solar Bundesliga, Germany to compete in the more than 1,000 municipalities for first place in the sun.

More than 5000 German farmers order not only their fields, but also reap from their barn roof: solar power. Together with the bio-energy solar energy contributes to growing as a new branch of industry also contributes to the stabilization of rural structures. Farmers are accustomed to long-term sustainable plan.

Solar power plants on arable land remain, however, despite many new projects are the exception. By law they have made since July 2010 for the payment significantly worse than facade or roof systems. Preferred sites are converting land such as former mine stockpiles or military training area.

Germany looks forward with solar energy policy

In terms of solar energy, Germany is considered by the Federal Environment Ministry in the first place, ahead of Japan, USA and Italy.

The boom in the industry, which was continuing for several years, will continue in the coming years. 2010, the German solar industry will account for a turnover of more than nine billion euros. Currently, 63,000 people in the field of solar energy in Germany are employed.